Introducing fully automatic, daily direct mail.

Your offer, sent to well qualified website visitors, every day, at 4pm central.

Introducing fully automatic, daily direct mail.

Your postcard is sent to qualifying website visitors daily, at 4pm central.

We make a user’s physical location actionable. Retail, consumer, and luxury brands can now close the sales loop with a smart, targeted postcard, delivered directly to the doorstep of your website visitors—no forms required. That’s right, not only do we discover the physical addresses of your website visitors, we send a highly-targeted piece of direct mail the same day, automatically. It’s a timely, precisely targeted message about something they’ve already shown interest in—your brand. This means you’ll spend less, and sell more. Cha-ching.

Getting started takes just a few seconds.

We value your time, so we’ve created a simple signup process: enter your email address. That’s it. We’ll send a link to verify your email address, and create your password.

It’s simple: visitors view your website, we deliver direct mail. Sales increase.

It sounds like magic. It’s a business owner’s dream.

Ready to get started? Receive $248 in value for just $99!

  1. Sign up for inboundgeo. It’s faster than waiting in line at Starbucks.
  2. Set a budget, it’s pre paid. Now that’s a predicable expense!
  3. Upload a postcard. If you don’t have a postcard, we’ll create the first one for you, free of charge (a $149 value). Simply fund your account with $99, and we’ll be in touch.
  4. Install the code, or have someone do it for you. We’re here to help, too!

You’re one click away from an amazing direct mail experience.

You’ll love how much time and money you save. Your customers will love receiving a message that’s unique to your business, and their needs. It’ a win-win. So say goodbye to everything you know about direct mail. Put inboundgeo to the test and see superior ROI. There is no match for a lead who’s already been to your site. Sign up now or give us a call and see why this value can’t be beat.

Earn free postcard marketing.

Share your “link” with friends and asccociates and if they create an account, and add a balance, we’ll give you 15% of their balance. In fact, every time they add a balance, you’ll receive 15% as a thank you. Use it as an account credit or receive it as a check - either way, you win by sharing. Prefer to simply collect affilaite referral fees by check? You can do that, too! Create an Account, and share your link. It’s that simple.

Just $3.00* per postcard. Sent daily. Automatically. Sign Up Now.

*Does not include sales tax.

Just $3.00* per postcard. Sent daily. Automatically.

*Does not include sales tax.